Monday, January 12, 2009

A New Year!!

Well, the Holiday Market and holidays are over and just a memory now. Sales were good at the market despite the economy. Now it's time to look forward into the new year and make plans for the upcoming selling venues....Etsy, Saturday Market, the Holiday Market and more.

Although I rarely follow through with my new year's resolutions, I continue to make them anyway. Most I will keep to myself, but the most important one for me this year is to simplify my life. I've got this idea that if I unclutter my and personal, then everything will fall into place and I won't feel like I am constantly running on that hampster wheel of life. To achieve that goal, I will focus on the aspects of my business and personal life that perform and seem to accomplish steps forward and not backwards.

I plan to post more on here, facebook, flickr and finish my website (in progress for a year). Also, work on marketing my Etsy shops better. Well, now that I've thrown it out there...we'll see how I do, hehe.

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